Eye Charts

Danker Lenses

Snellen Charts

Snellen eye charts are used by eye care and medical professionals to measure visual acuity.

Feinbloom Charts for Low Vision

Original test charts for Low Vision designed.

David Thompson – Readez Eye Chart

ReadEZ provides a spectrum of solutions for diagnosing and managing Meares-Irlen syndrome or Visual Stress. From a screening system with eye tracking software to overlays and clip-ons, ReadEZ is the holistic offering for eye care professionals.

Precision Vision

Precision Vision supply high quality products like the Patti Pics™ paediatric test system, ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet™, a broad range of low and high contrast eye charts and professional low vision aids.


The Good-Lite Company is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the LEA Test System including LEA Symbols and LEA Numbers created by paediatric ophthalmologist Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, of Finland.