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Danker Lenses


Danker are excited to launch Specs4Us in Southern Africa. Specs4Us are a new concept in eyewear and are frames specially designed to fit children and adults with Down Syndrome and others with special needs.

Onefit – The new generation of scleral technology

Onefit is the new generation of scleral technology, based on years of specialist research. Onefit’s intricate and sophisticated design is a game-changer. Each lens is made up of multiple curves which work in unison to offer comfort and precision optics. So if you’re an athlete, an active wearer or are simply struggling with wearing contact lenses due to dry eyes then this is the perfect solution.

Game changing features include:

  • Meticulously refined edges – your eye won’t even know the contact is in
  • Adjustable optics to meet your vision needs
  • Optimal lens stability
  • Multifunctional tear layer with continuous hydration
  • Consistent vision
  • Reduced glare, starbursts and dryness

i4uLenses – Portable Compact Reading Glasses

Emergency reading glasses that are the size of a credit card, making them handy, convenient and easy to use. You’ll never have to go without reading glasses again. Keep them in your wallet, car, briefcase, purse, cell phone, they are so small that they can fit most anywhere.

They are available from Danker in +1.5dp, +2dpt, +2.5dpt, +3.00dpt.

Special offer: R87 ex VAT.

Comfort 15 lens

Comfort 15 is a new mini-scleral lens. It’s ideal for practitioners new to mini-sclerals or those looking for a more cost effective alternative to more complex designs.

ReadEZ screening system

Research suggests that up to 20% of the population experience Visual Stress (Meares-Irlen Syndrome). Many of these people can be helped with coloured filters. ReadEZ provides a spectrum of solutions for diagnosing and managing Meares-Irlen syndrome allowing you to provide a valuable new service for your patients.

Shooting Specs

The MEC glas-system has been on the market for about 12 years, and has grown in this period at an astounding rate. We put this down to its quality and adjustability. The shooting glasses offer a mix of various materials. All parts can be combined as unique system kit, for professionals and beginners.