Paediatric Vision

Danker Lenses

Bernell – Vision Therapy Starter System

Provides a large selection of products useful in testing and training the most common vision training problems.

Includes accommodative difficulties, poor fusional ranges, high phorias, exercises for strabismics, unresponsive & difficult to test patients.

Eye Tracker from Thomson

The Clinical Eye Tracker provides a powerful new tool for the clinical assessment of eye movements. The system uses a small bar which is mounted below a computer screen. The bar incorporates IR cameras which detect the position of the eyes to within less than 1 degree.

A wide range of test stimuli can then be presented on the screen and following a quick calibration, the system records the position of each eye at approximately 60 measurements per second.

The software replays exactly where the patient was looking and shows the horizontal and vertical position of the eyes and convergence/ phoria. Powerful built in analysis algorithms automatically provide a range of statistics relating to reading performance.

Bernell – BEST Test – Dinosaur Version

A new glass-free depth perception test using lenticular technology that doesn’t need red/green or polarized glasses.

  • Plate #1 features a dinosaur character which tests gross stereopsis
  • Plate #2 features clip-art characters for two separate depth perception tests

Vision Assessment Corporation

Instruments for accurately and rapidly assessing vision.


Bernell offers the largest assortment of Vision Training, Enhancement, and Rehabilitation products in the world.

Precision Vision

Precision Vision supply high quality products like the Patti Pics™ paediatric test system, ETDRS Illuminator Cabinet™, a broad range of low and high contrast eye charts and professional low vision aids.


The Good-Lite Company is the exclusive worldwide manufacturer of the LEA Test System including LEA Symbols and LEA Numbers created by paediatric ophthalmologist Lea Hyvärinen, MD, PhD, of Finland.

Kay Pictures

The Kay Picture Test is a visual acuity testing system for children and for adults with learning difficulties.