Low Vision

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Eschenbach Optik has always sought to provide eyecare providers with the finest quality, most technologically advanced low vision aids, including magnification devices to help those suffering from macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other eye diseases and vision problems. In addition, Eschenbach’s high-quality optical products are used in industry and commerce for inspection, quality control and other applications where small details must be visually inspected.


Stoemi offers a range of low vision magnifiers.

Designs For Vision

Designs for Vision products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the Operating Room and provide you with durability, longevity and reliability. Custom manufactured to your unique measurements including your prescription, angle of declination and working distance, providing you with the best visual and ergonomic system available. Designs for Vision products have superior magnification with precision coated optics and exclusive ergonomics.


Ocutech Inc., founded in 1984, has become a worldwide-leader in developing innovative hi-quality bioptic telescopes for the visually impaired.


Conforma has led the industry in providing outstanding GP lens products for over 45 years.

Designs for Vision Bioptics

Designs for Vision bioptics are manufactured with highly refined optics to enable people to better realize their full potential with improved vision.


Coil supply a range of popular magnifiers which are uniquely suited for education and hobbies, as well as for use by the partially sighted. The lenses are designed to give a clear, distortion-free image.


Noir offers a variety of UV shields in different colours and shades for use in treating various eye conditions and diseases, as well as pre and post operative procedures.


TechOptics products are specially designed to serve the needs of individuals experiencing impaired vision due to conditions or diseases such as macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, night blindness, light sensitivity, glaucoma and other disorders.

Electronic Aids

Danker Lenses stock a variety of specialised electronic aids.


Srate Optical Instrument Manufactory is a specialized manufacturer of optical products.Danker Lenses stock a range of their Low Vision magnifiers.

Magnifiers NZ

Magnifiers NZ specialise in low vision aids and magnifiers.

Fresnel Prisms & Bifocals

Turn any prescription eye-wear into bi-focals instantly, with Fresnel Press On Optics.